Lisa Campbell – Pilates Instructor

Lisa’s journey into retraining as a Pilates, Yoga & Fitness Professional came about after sustaining injuries from a car accident in her early career and ongoing back issues throughout her life because of this event. Lisa was given an ultimatum that if she didn’t improve her core stability to support her spine she would require major surgery to correct this.

It was the motivation she needed to start exploring the practices of Pilates & Yoga more seriously and the turning point both physically, mentally and from a life changing point of view that has placed her where she is in her career now.

In the last 5 years Lisa has trained as a Fitness Professional, qualified as a Pilates Instructor and completed various Yoga qualifications to include Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Hot (Hatha) & Yin Yoga. Whilst she is passionate about working with runners, cyclists, triathletes and yoga enthusiasts she is extremely passionate about working with clients who have suffered long term with back issues and advocates for the ongoing benefits that a therapeutic practice such as Pilates & Yoga can have, not just physically but also mentally.

Having experienced first-hand that it is possible to find relief, and in some cases reversal of the damage our day to day lifestyle can have on our mobility, she’s proof that with dedicated practice and commitment there is a chance to be more mobile and free from continuous pain.

Lisa’s ongoing training will see her complete her Spinal Specialist qualification and as well clinical Pilates which will support her focus on helping clients with continuous Osteopathic issues as she works closely with the team at MK Osteopaths to provide a tailor made set of movements to complement treatment.