MK Osteopath & Associates


Our Associates are dedicated to providing a tailored treatment suited to your needs, activity & injury – it doesn’t have to be a sports injury, we can help with most aches & pains.

Rhodri Griffiths M’Ost.

Registered Osteopath



Sally Guest BSc SpSci. BSc Ost.

Principal Registered Osteopath

Damini Gorsia M’Ost

Registered Osteopath

Johnathan Phipps BSc

Sports Massage Therapist

Jenna Gleeson

Therapeutic Mindset Coach/Adolescent Psychotherapist

Shelley Carter

Hearing Health Practitioner

MK Osteopath & Associates,
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Shenley Church End
Milton Keynes

Telephone: 01908 921219

Monday-Friday 09:00 – 19:00
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